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Mums on Zoloft (Sertra)

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Jessica15A Sat 04-Nov-17 14:24:55

I was put on Sertraline about 8 weeks ago due to relapse. 2 weeks ago my psych upped my dose to 100mg. I’ve been feeling worse. Is this normal? sad there is also lots going on in my family with my dad being terminally ill. We almost lost him a week ago. So I do think that given the circumstances it’s bound to happen that if feel low but I just want my old self back. I feel very low, not enjoying things I used to. My anxiety was through the roof since upping my dose but seems to have calmed a bit. I was prescribed xanax 1mg which helps. Just looking for some encouragement. I really don’t want to change Meds again. I did so well on the sertra when I started. Today is Day 14. I know my psych suggested I stay on the 50mg for a month before he upped it. Anyone been the same and will it get better?

Thank you all 🌸

Tuttytoffee Sat 04-Nov-17 22:46:19

Hi, I can't give you any advice as I'm currently on week 5 of the same drug. 4 weeks on 50mg and 1 week 100. My anxiety got worse so they upped it to 100 last week and I've felt ok since last night and now I feel terrible again. They can take a good 8 weeks to work so they say, maybe you need to give it a bit more time on the higher dose and if there's no change in a week or 2 speak to your doctor. I hope you feel back to yourself soon flowers

Jessica15A Sun 05-Nov-17 04:21:20

Thank you. It’s horrible feeling like this. 🙁

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