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Feeling like shit, health anxiety

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WaitingForSunday17 Sat 04-Nov-17 14:05:04

I've been battling health anxiety for nearly 3 years. Not over me, over my children. I've been back and forth to the GP and whilst sympathetic waiting times for any meaningful help are so long and I've been so unwell that I've struggled to fight for anything. I've had a few counselling sessions here and there, tried a couple of anti depressants but the anxiety never really goes and now I'm on a twelve month waiting list for CBT.

I spoke with a different dr to usual last week about something unrelated but then mentioned that I will still very very very anxious over my children. She replied that I will 'turn them into weirdos' if I don't 'get a grip'
Since this conversation I've felt significantly worse. I worry all the time about what my anxiety is doing to my kids and I try desperately to keep a lid on it when they are about.
I've been really struggling the last few months, I'm not sleeping very well and I can't eat which means I've lost a stone and a half already.

I don't know what the point of this post it. I'm just so fed up and sad and worried all the time and it feels like I'm completely on my own.

katiepage1993 Sat 04-Nov-17 21:58:26


I don’t know what advice I will be able to give but thought I would post to let you know you’re not alone. I don’t have children but I have health anxiety about myself and other members of my family and I know from experience it can be crippling. I was on a waiting list with my GP for CBT for this and various other problems however as you say the wait was so bloody long that eventually I decided to fund it myself which is expensive but ultimately, for me, worth it.

There are some quite good books on Amazon you can get to ease your worry a bit - there is one called the anxiety journal which I found particularly good, it’s a nice read and has some exercises to complete inside too.

I know this doesn’t stop how you feel but over the past few years I have found it helps me to feel less alone knowing there are other people going through a similar thing. Xx

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