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Tourette's and OCD?

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Saffron2018 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:13:20

Does anyone know much about Tourettes Syndrome? A male relative has been diagnosed with a fairly mild version of Tourettes Syndrome and OCD. I'm just wondering whether these are issues that can be seriously helped with therapy and/or medication?

He is mildly obsessive with cleaning and with keeping to a certain routine, but I wouldn't say this is wildly out of control, just a bit extreme.

However, he has these outbursts. I used to think he was just really crude, but that didn't make sense as he is actually a sensitive and thoughtful person usually. He will make inappropriately sexual or graphic comments that come out sort of like an involuntary tick. For example, a really drunk woman staggered by when I was out with him and his gf. The woman said something like "f*ck off you c*nts!" My relative then turned to his gf and said, "haha she's talking to you, she's call you a c*nt. F*ck off you c*nt." That's horrible and unfunny, right? And it's out of character for him to speak to his beloved gf in such a way.

At other times he's suddenly grabbed his gf's breast or even more intimate parts in public, or made extremely graphic sexual comments at inappropriate times and in front of the wrong people (like in front of work colleagues etc). All these actions and comments have come across as if it's a kind of tic.

Not sure how well I am explaining this.

Anyone who knows about Tourettes know whether this sort of behaviour is typical?

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