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well that was shit!

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happyfrown Wed 01-Nov-17 15:37:08

I don't care im having a rant! I normally have some empathy for the strain on nhs and mental health care but not today.

had a follow up appointment today after my 16wk DIT course that finished in july. was suppose to be in sept but anyway!
basically was told they are no longer offering further therapy. I asked what im suppose to do? in short she told me to divert my time into working or finding a course. so find something else to do other than be BPD?
I had the hump, I said ive been asking for DBT for 2yrs - I got DIT? she said a referral was made for IMPART who she said do the DBT which also happen to be in the building im sitting in. think I was talking to IAPT woman? but they refuse cos id had therapy already.
so my response was 'so a cancer patient who beats cancer cant go back to hospital if it returns?' are they gonna refuse treatment. sorry we've already treated you go away? !! I also stated that like drugs/ pills it takes a while to find one that works for you so why cant I get that opportunity with therapy?
im so angry that im being discharged for what - the 3rd or 4th time?
in the time since july I have signed over my 2 older kids to their dad due to not coping and being a shit human being, had still have early intervention involved, who made that referral for dbt due to suicidal ideation and on the brink of giving up. yet im discharged, I can understand if they said no due to their being a long waiting list (which there is anyway) and not enough time - but NO. its just cos they don't want to! they could offer help but wont its utter shit!

wfrances Wed 01-Nov-17 17:25:33

ive also exhausted nhs therapy
i now do private mindfulness and private therapy - focussed on trauma and my bpd , luckily dp pays .
still under consultant though for reviews etc. just cant offer me other thing else , haven't been offered dbt!!!

Caulk Wed 01-Nov-17 17:28:50

Private therapy every time.

Most can offer discounts, if money is an issue. I’ve prioritied therapy over holidays, new clothes etc but it’s definitely the best choice I made.

happyfrown Wed 01-Nov-17 17:37:04

I will need to look into it then, not sure I could afford it as im in money trouble due to impulse spending sad
I don't smoke or drink, go on holiday and rarely go clothes shopping. so I would be focusing any extra money that I never have either way on getting help. (just to clarify my impulses are on pets, diy or exercise stuff.)

im still in shock they just point blank refuse?

Pandoraslastchance Wed 01-Nov-17 18:23:36

I am so sorry that you are being failed by your trusts provision for mental health. My trust has only very recently started to do dbt yet the waiting list is massive (groups being run 4 times a week)

I do dbt and we follow the book fairly closely. Would you be able to buy a copy and work through it? It's called dbt skills training by Marsha d lineham.
That is the one that we use each week and I've joined so many Facebook groups get clarification and suggestions on skills to try.

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