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Am I depressed, anxious, something else?

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fleshmarketclose Tue 31-Oct-17 23:19:16

You'd think I'd know seeing as I was sectioned once twenty odd years ago and have a long history of severe and repeated episodes of PND.
I feel bone crushingly sad, I'm struggling to eat, I'm finding it difficult to leave the house and insomnia is awful as always. I have periods where I feel so shaky with no apparent trigger but I feel they are there in the background even when I'm not shaky.
There are plenty of reasons why I should feel sad but I'd normally shake them off and get on with it and can't work out why I can't this time.
I suspect I should see the GP but I have a phobia of doctors and ill health and so even when I am feeling well I struggle and that coupled with not leaving the house makes it feel an impossibility.
I'm doing all the things that usually keep me well (years of practice) but they don't seem to be working so well just now. It's possible it will sort itself I suppose but if not, any advice as faking it til I make i seems to be getting harder.

Sweetpea302 Tue 14-Nov-17 16:21:38

I’ve just seen your post (as I was scrolling back looking for some advice for my own situation) and noticed that nobody had replied. How are you doing OP? I hope that things are looking at least a little brighter for you.

I totally sympathise with your feelings about not wanting to go to the GP, but I really think that you might want to consider it. Perhaps you could call your practice and ask for a telephone appointment? That way you wouldn’t have to leave the house, but you’d be making a positive step forwards. flowers

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