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Dosulepin positive stories please!! :)

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HollyDolly15 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:21:48

I'm suffering with terrible antenatal depression and anxiety. Will most likely be starting dosulepin this week after next Drs appt. I'd really love some positive stories of how they helped with anyone in a similar situation. Please only positive stuff though smile thank you mums xxx

HollyDolly15 Mon 30-Oct-17 22:18:07


Funnyonion17 Mon 30-Oct-17 22:21:09

I used this about 10 years ago. It was the only medication that didn't make me worse, took the edge off the anxiety and I slept so well. I also highly recommend the Claire weekes free audios online. She was born way before her time and pure genius. She discusses a lot about new mother's and anxiety/depression.

Mrsjohnmurphy Mon 30-Oct-17 22:27:07

I had this for pnd years ago and it was brilliant, like pp slept so well and helped a lot. Had tried a few SSRIs before that. I recently went on to mirtazapine, asked for dosuleoin again but told it's rarely prescribed now.

HollyDolly15 Mon 30-Oct-17 22:33:23

Thank you both. I've read lots of positive reports about them, particularly for anxiety and insomnia which is a large part of my depression. Drs just clarifying they are suitable in pregnancy (I've already checked with several pharmacists but dr wants to check herself) and then I'm hoping she'll prescribe them! Am slightly worried she'll refuse as they arent so common these days. But they sound to me like they might be just the ones I need!

HollyDolly15 Tue 31-Oct-17 10:09:55

Bump in case there's anyone else smile

HollyDolly15 Wed 01-Nov-17 10:21:13

Bump 😊

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 01-Nov-17 20:32:28

Good luck with it Holly. Dosulepin was a lifesaver for me. I tried Sertraline for PND (mostly terrible anxiety and no sleep) and it just made it worse and I was totally wired. I have taken anything from 25-100 mg of dosulepin over a period of several years and it is amazing. It re set my sleep patterns and reduced the anxiety. It's easy to taper down as required. Minimal side effects for me. The first few weeks I felt a bit groggy in the mornings and a dry mouth but it was very short lived. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy x

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