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When do you know you are ready to return to work?

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tiggersdontlikehoney Mon 30-Oct-17 12:10:20

Have been off work for a few months, due to a long-term depression/anxiety disorder that worsened and my employer who said/did a few things that led to GP recommending Sick Leave.

Am on medication, still waiting for access to therapy.

Work's OH view is that I should stay off for longer, GP want to know what I think, but I just don't know. I'm getting bored at home if I'm being honest, and would prefer to be doing something. I find it hard to concentrate or motivate myself to do things, but worried that will only get worse if I just sit at home. Worried about employer's view of me if I stay on Sick Leave, but also worried that the things said/done earlier in the year won't improve if I go back.

I can have a phased return period if I do go back.

For those who have been on Sick Leave for MH issues and gone back - how did you know it was the right time?

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