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Is it possible to improve self esteem and social anxiety?

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lurkingnotlurking Sun 29-Oct-17 15:39:12

I'm in my thirties. A mum to three small children and yes I am tired (which affects my mood). But I have long-term low self - esteem and social anxiety. In a nutshell, I don't see myself as even remotely likeable. Deep down, I feel like everyone who is close to me - including those closest - will one day realise that I'm the way I see myself. That they'll realise they have mare a mistake and that they don't like me either. None of this has changed how I live my life and I'm lucky in that sense. I'm okay. But I'd like to know this: could I ever change and come to like myself? Thanks.

BiglyBadgers Sun 29-Oct-17 15:48:28

Yes you can. I suffered from awful social anxiety and low self esteem, and while I wouldn't say I am 100% awesome I am a world away from where I was. I generally believe I am actually a pretty OK person and that some people might actually like me and want to be my friend. It is still hard work at times and I am struggling a bit right now, but I know I do have value as a person, so can get back to a good place again.

For me it was a course of CBT that made the difference. I would recommend seeing someone or finding a therapist online if you can afford it. I went online and can genuinely say he changed my life.

lurkingnotlurking Sun 29-Oct-17 20:45:42

Thank you. I hope so. It's so tiring feeling this way so often. I've ordered a book - as a start - on overcoming low self esteem and maybe it can offer me a way forward. Congratulations on improving your own self esteem.

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