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can't go on..please help

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onanotherday Sun 29-Oct-17 12:18:18

I have posted in staffroom as well..
I got the wall just before half term and GP have me ADs...don't feel much better can't face going tomorrow. Am a single parent and come out of a DV marriage teo teens one with CAMHs and being chased for debt I've been left with. ...but i am the only teacher of my subject so will impact on students...if I'm off too long will be hard to go back...just can't make a decision

Catrina1234 Sun 29-Oct-17 15:34:26

Sorry I don't quite get you - what have you posted in the staff room ? Also ? "I got the wall just before half term" what does that mean?
If you only got ADs a week or so ago they won't have kicked in - could take up to 4 weeks, but for some it's 2 weeks. Did the GP not sign you off - they usually do. Look if you're mentally ill then you can't go to work no more than if you had go and get signed off. And no one indispensable honestly. You have to put your own health before the students because you need to be well to teach as I'm sure you know. You're looking too far head - it's one day at a time with depression (which I assume is what you have)If you goback to school while your still unwell you will make yourself worse and be off for a longer period.

Aintgotnosoapbox Sun 29-Oct-17 16:42:35

I think OP means hit the wall. OP, sorry to hear things are tough at the moment. Is it work causing it? If it's the onset of depression etc, yes maybe you should consider a period of time off for the ADs to start working. It depends how much it is affecting you and how you feel. It's also difficult to make decisions when anxious or low.
But it sounds as if you don't feel you can work tomorrow. You can self certify for a week, you could e mail or call in sick?

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