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Depression worsening

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depressedandcantchangeit Thu 26-Oct-17 20:32:13

I already suffer with depression and anxiety.

I live in a rented property by an housing association. It’s constantly full of mould as the weather gets wetter and colder and it’s Getting me down. It’s happened every winter since living here and every summer I have to replace all of my upstairs furniture because of mould. They did put some extra insulation in the place to try to improve it but it hasn’t improved and it’s in every single room. I have followed every single advice there is. I’ve opened windows, use my heating and I have a dehumidifier, one of the electric ones that cost me over £100 and it’s constantly full of water when I empty it. I’ve just had to get rid of my wardrobe and it was only 6 months old so now have nowhere to put my Clothes. My bed will be next because of it as well and my bed is new. I can’t cope.. it’s constantly cleaning and replacing stuff and when I speak to them they always tell me the same old crap open windows. They are trying to tell me it’s because we are over crowded in this house as our family has grown which is true but every time I suggest for them to move is they won’t. We can’t move to a private rent as our income wouldn’t be able to afford it and we would not be able to find all the money for a deposit and rent upfronts, we have no family to help with money and we won’t get any loans or credit cards so we are stuck in this house and I’m so depressed I actually feel suicidal because I’m constantly worrying whether this mould will make us ill and I hate coming home to this house. Also the kitchen is falling to bits. It doesn’t feel like a home.. it’s just somewhere to sleep. I went to Ikea today to get some new cups as we needed them and I saw all this lovely stuff, and I can’t buy nothing to make my house nice because it’s a wreck. Also the bathroom is a state with no toilet. The only toilet is downstairs at the other end of the house so my 5 year old constantly wets the bed due to not getting to the toilet in time because it’s downstairs.

Sorry for going on I’m just so depressed and have no one for talk to

Binkybix Thu 26-Oct-17 22:26:59

Sorry you feel like this. It sounds really hard. Besides the house, have you any support or help for your depression and anxiety?

On a practical note, is there any one more senior you can complain to about the house? That doesn’t sound right.

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