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Cant deal with dd health anxiety

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Elusiveone Thu 26-Oct-17 13:19:49

Ive had a hell of a week. I want to just hide and not come out again. My dd whos 17 has health anxiety and i have anxiety and ocd. Im on meds and having cbt therapy. The last week ive been in the dentists with her 3 times and gp once. This has been going on ages and ive taken her to see gp and shes awaiting counseling. For the last few months shes worried about her toe teeth weight etc the list is endless. I cannot cope with it anymore i dont know what to do. Awaiting my gp to call me as im so depressed now. Cant sleep and cry. Help please

MrsOverTheRoad Thu 26-Oct-17 13:24:47

Have you thought about CBD oil? It's very good for anxiety. My friend had terrible anxiety and depression and he ordered some CBD oil after a lot of research and he's so much better.

Do some reading up on it.

Elusiveone Fri 27-Oct-17 00:19:48

Thankyoi will look into it.

MrsOverTheRoad Fri 27-Oct-17 00:27:14

Do....I know it's a slightly contentious subject with it being related to marijuana but the oil I'm speaking of has had the halucinagenic element removed. So it doesn't get you "high" or anything.

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