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Support and Advice Please

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VickyA6625 Thu 26-Oct-17 05:57:53

Hello... I’m 16+ weeks pregnant with my second child. My first pregnancy was a breeze, enjoyed it so much and my labour was amazing, totally textbook. My son was born healthy and happy and he’s a great kid, haven’t had any bother with him at all.
This time round I’m really struggling. Can’t enjoy my pregnancy because I’ve been feeling so terrible. I had to come off a high dosage of medication when I found out I was pregnant, the meds’ prevented migraines, but also balanced my mood. Since coming off them and being pregnant I don’t sleep well, I’m suffering from headaches constantly, have a constant ‘run down’ feeling and have no energy. I’m miserable to be honest.
I’m worried that painkillers I’m having to take will affect my baby, I’m worried my pregnancy/labour/baby will be difficult. I’m worried about everything to be honest. Can’t enjoy this pregnancy at all...
any advice would be appreciated. TIA

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