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Can someone talk to me about PND please?

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opalescent Mon 23-Oct-17 21:33:23

I was diagnosed with PND three months ago. I have two children, and dd is 8 months old.
I had 10 weeks off work following my diagnosis, and went back three weeks ago, once I felt more stable and was sleeping better.
I am taking 75mg of sertraline. I do feel that this has helped, but I still seem to have occasional blips- this weekend has been particularly awful, but I am noticing that my blips seem to coincide with my periods, so am wondering if that’s a factor.
I feel a bit scared when this happens- I kind of thought that once I was stable on an anti depressant, it would be a steady increase in feeling good, until I had totally recovered, was that a bit naive?

Although I have lots of friends with small children, I don’t actually know anyone in RL who has suffered (or who wants to talk about it!!).
Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what their experience of PND was? It would really help to talk about it.

Thank you smile

opalescent Mon 23-Oct-17 21:40:25

I suppose it would be helpful if I started!

I find that when my pnd flares up, I just seem to experience my life totally differently. All the normal events of the day (which are usually mainly pleasurable) become unbelievably stressful and quickly get on top of me. Just getting the kids up, dressed and fed feels like a mountain to climb, and the normal moans/ messes/ inconveniences feel horrendous to cope with. I’m very snappy, and incredibly tired. At its worst, it feels like all the colour and enjoyment is sucked out of the world, and I feel quite bleak and agitated.
I should add that since I have been taking sertraline, I have periods of several days/weeks where I am fine, and feel like my normal self again (thank goodness!!)

I really can’t wait to be fully recovered sad

Dark04 Tue 24-Oct-17 07:17:43

Your post is exactly what I'm going through at the moment. The desperation for recovery can be all consuming. The blips that you describe when you come on your period makes you feel like you end up back at square one! Speak to your GP about it, I have spoken to my GP and perinatal Dr about it, they increased my anti-D and put me on the contraceptive implant...fingers crossed it works this month. Maybe it could be something you ask your GP?
If you need anyone to talk too feel free to pm me because I think we could help each other.☺

Snapodile Tue 24-Oct-17 07:41:44

I'm on citalopram and have been for 4 months now. Generally, I feel better, like I'm coping and back to enjoying things. But when my period rolls around I feel like I go back to the start in terms of mood. I know what you mean - getting 2 kids up and dressed, or making lunch for everyone on my own feels like too much to cope with.
So you're not alone. Focus on the good times and remind yourself that the blips are just that. flowers

opalescent Tue 24-Oct-17 08:24:27

Thank you both so much for replying!

It’s really interesting that you both experience the issue around your periods too- I have literally only just noticed the link to mine. In general I have been feeling so much better, but realise now that the last three major down episodes I have had have been around the time I’ve come on.

I am definitely going to speak to my Gp about whether the pill would help, because this last 3/4 days has been awful, and I can’t do it every month 😱.

I’ve woken up today feeling a bit better, so hoping that’s my blip done for the month...

I’d love to pm, but not sure how? I’m using the app on an iPhone, can I do it on here?

Snapodile Tue 24-Oct-17 11:31:45

I've just had the coil fitted, and I was really reluctant to put more hormones in my body, because they really do seem to affect me. But I was assured the hormones in a coil only work locally. For me, the pill sent me loopy, even before kids/pnd. So I'm not sure what the answer is really. Except that now I know I can put it down to periods I feel less panicky about it. There's a reason, rather than me just going backwards, iyswim?
As far as pms go, I'm clueless!

opalescent Tue 24-Oct-17 14:58:18

I’d be really interested to know how that goes for you, I’m definitely going to need something to balance my hormones a bit. Like you, I’ve always hated hormonal contraceptives, as they really affect me in every way. But I just feel completely terrible again around my period and its completely debilitating 😭.

I’m so frustrated to have pnd- outside of this issue, I am probably at the best point in my life so far...but only able to enjoy it sporadically.

Dark04 Tue 24-Oct-17 15:45:04

What you have said is 100% how I feel and I think many other women in our situation. When I have spoken to the Dr about this monthly blip he said it's due too our sensitivity when it comes to hormone fluctuation... the hormones cause the serotonin in our brain to decrease which is why we cry and feel terrible.
Bloody hormones!!!!

opalescent Tue 24-Oct-17 15:48:28

Dark04, you mentioned a Perinatal Dr in your earlier post? I just wondered about this, and whether you are in the UK? I have a sympathetic GP, but outside of this I feel a bit abandoned, and would love to be able to talk to a Dr who is specialist in this area. I haven’t heard of a Perinatal Dr before?

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