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Ocd and planning a pregnancy.

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Jakeyblueblue Sat 21-Oct-17 19:32:14

Hi all,
I was diagnosed with OCD earlier in the year. I had breakdown after a year of stressful things going on, one after another. I've since been medicated and had intensive cbt and now know I've always had it and can attribute lots of difficult periods in my life to it. I'm feeling much more in control now, I've accepted I have to live with it and feel better mentally, on some days, than I have in years.
I have two boys 6 and 3 and always planned to have 3 children. The thing is I'm pushing 40 and if I don't do it now, we will miss the boat. I'm worried about messing up the OCD though. Only been on the citalopram since may and pretty sure it would be a bad idea to switch or come off in the near future. I'm also worried about breastfeeding, have fed both boys well past two years and wouldn't want medication to interfere with doing so again.
Am I mad? Any positive stories to encourage me or do I try to move on and accept it wasn't meant to be?
Thanks in advance.

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