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I am so lonely :(

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dazedandconfuse Wed 18-Oct-17 19:44:12

So I've been having quite a rough time recently and Ive told my close friends about my situation so they all know about it yet none of them have really been there for me. I only really have my mum and my 3 year old. Of course I love them but it's not the same as having proper friends sad I go to uni 3 days a week and work a couple of evenings in the week and all weekend, but I don't have any real friends there. My friends are all in their last year of uni and all live in various parts of the country but it's never really been an issue, we used to talk all the time and now I really need them they've vanished. I feel like I scared them off because I've had some real troubles recently, maybe they're sick of hearing about it? It's got to the point I just come on net mums and post something or reply to something literally just to get some conversation. I feel incredibly lonely at the moment, wouldn't really feel comfortable telling my friends that either because they KNOW I need them right now I think they're just too busy and I don't want to be "that" friend sad

Aintgotnosoapbox Wed 18-Oct-17 20:39:42

Hi dazed sorry you are feeling lonely, that's horrible and I've been there, in fact am lonely today. Im sorry to hear you have had some recent difficult experiences. Sometimes that sets us apart from friends because they can't relate to it, or because we feel vulnerable. But it will settle down and you will have new friends and the old ones will still be there in the background too. I found when I went through something traumatic, I felt as if I couldn't offer much to friends and felt a bit withdrawn.
I hope you continue posting and find some company here.

Tinysarah1985 Thu 19-Oct-17 14:03:31

I know exactly how you feel. I moved up to another county to live with my OH- 2 years later he took a private security job innlondon so only home at weekends. I am so lonely up here now and i really resent the fact that i left all my family and friends. Ao much so that I am looking at rental prices where I used to live (which is pointless as I cannot afford to live there anymore)!I work 4hrs a day at the moment and have my 3 year old girl.

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