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Fear of not being able to work properly again two years after head injury

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NooNooHead Mon 16-Oct-17 17:45:10

I had a head injury and post concussion syndrome in 2015 and subsequently suffered a breakdown.

I also have quite a lot of cogntive issues and my brain still feels ‘slowed down’ when I try to think or concentrate intensely, reading new material or books etc. Even after about 10 minutes, I feel like I have to stop and rest as my brain just doesn’t have the capacity to work in the same way as it used to. I just don’t feel as quick, sharp or intelligent as before.

Coupled with an involuntary movement disorder, I am having real anxiety about working again in a similar role (I was a freelance copywriter from home), and dread having to go for job interviews and keep applying for any non-career or writing roles, or anything related to public facing roles as I feel lacking in confidence about my abilities and very self conscious of my involuntary movements that include lip smacking and grimacing.

My friend today gave me a bit of a pep talk and said I really need to get another job now, to stop limiting myself when it comes to job options and to apply for anything. She also said I need to see if I can get PIP if I really did think I was that disabled mentally. I did apply for PIP last year, and told them of all my medical conditions but they didn’t think I was bad enough to warrant any help at all.

I feel so scared. Scared of failure, scared of being judged, scared to apply for a job I don’t think I could do or want, but may have to do to get some money.

My friend was being harsh but is right. I’m not really eligible for PIP as I don’t see how they can assess a brain injury as it is really ‘invisible’. I just need a confidence boost, careers advice, and prob a kick up the arse.

I was happy working from home as a freelance as I didn’t have the stress of social anxiety and being around other people, and I could do a job that I was fairly competent at before my head injury.
Now I guess i’m maybe making excuses as I don’t want to face the future and the things / anxieties a new job may bring.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Mon 16-Oct-17 19:23:52

Firstly, yes invisible disabilities can qualify for PIP, unfortunately many of the assessors do not seem to realise this! Often people need to go to appeal. It depends how the condition affects you. Did you have any help completing it? Also PIP is not work related.

Secondly, have you had any support from an occupational therapist? They are specialists in cognitive rehabilitation, and return to work. You could ask your GP for a referal.

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