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Any adult with ADHD? Concerta making me sleepy.

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Tailwagsdog Sat 14-Oct-17 21:40:53

Any point sticking at it? Only started yesterday, got 7 hours of slightly clearer mind, focused better on certain things. Then had a come down and was cery tired - that's apparently par of the course.

However today took at slightly later at 11am and by 1pm I was yawning and stopped only an hour ago. Had a good night sleep last night.

Should I check in with GP on Mon or should I stick it out for longer. Apparently it's not a build up drug so some (google reviews earlier) users say if it's not working properly on the day then no point in sticking to the same dose.

Tailwagsdog Sun 15-Oct-17 14:37:15

No one?

helenbryce Thu 02-Nov-17 23:49:55

Hi, late reply but I can give my view (although you have probably sorted this already!) Are you on the extended release? I had a similar problem when I started on concerta, took it at 7am ish- most days I was good until 12 ish then wore off... I then increased my dose and took a second 18mg tablet at 10(ish) which extended the effect till 4-5ish. My psychiatrist said it's not unusual for the time the 'extended release' dose is effective to significantly vary from the 10 hours they say! After a few more months on that dose I increased my first dose to 38mg, still taking a 18mg at 10am which seems to be suiting me well. You may need to do some fiddling to get it right!! I do find that some days I feel the effects more than others.. Concerta most definitely helps me, but I still have days when I am just tired and want to do nothing- because that's how things are. I hope you got your meds sorted!!

Tailwagsdog Tue 14-Nov-17 20:08:53

Thanks helenbryce. I called my GP who told me to come off it and referred me back to the hospital so they adjust my meds. She thought they should have done it but I didnt get the funding for it iriginally. Now waiting to hear back from the hospital. I’m worried it’ll take mo tha of back and forth. I can’t really afford being tired on the meds - i’m self employed grin. Basically I was ready for bedbfor few days of taking it!
Glad to hear it’s working for you - at least most of the time!

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