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CantGetNoSleeeeeeep Fri 13-Oct-17 10:22:49

I'm on citalopram and after 18 months all of my anxious and depressive symptoms have resurfaced. Reached a peak this week with my mum being diagnosed with lung cancer. Just seen the GP and he's given me Escitalopram at equivant dose, to increase in 2 weeks. Anyone else have experience with this drug good or bad?
It was me who wanted a med change rather than just increase the dose as I have felt decreasing efficacy over the last 3-6 months having been on citalopram for 18 months.
Feeling anxious (nothing new there then!) that 8 should have just gone up on the citalopram I was on, and that I'm making things hard for myself! I
I've read that Escitalopram is similar to citalopram but has a reduced side effect profile.... I hope!

CantGetNoSleeeeeeep Fri 13-Oct-17 10:23:31

I not 8

AuntyElle Fri 13-Oct-17 10:36:13

I'm really sorry you have this bad news about your mum. It's especially hard with anxiety already. I'm on escitalopram. I've never been entirely sure of the difference from citalopram. But I think they both have relatively low side-effect profiles.
Try for the moment to trust that changing the exact medication gives you a chance of it being more effective. That's a postitive. And you have the increase of dose in hand as well. flowers

KoalaD Fri 13-Oct-17 10:41:42

I've been on escitalopram quite a while. I suggest not letting them increase the dosage too high, or side effects can kick in (IME, everyone different).

I'm taking 20 mg daily; 30 mg had me feeling like a zombie.

CantGetNoSleeeeeeep Fri 13-Oct-17 22:45:00

Thanks both, took my first one tonight.. here goes, thanks for your kind words

AuntyElle Fri 13-Oct-17 22:54:02


KoalaD Sat 14-Oct-17 01:36:59

Let us know how you get on, or PM me any time if you want to compare notes. cake

CantGetNoSleeeeeeep Sat 21-Oct-17 13:22:03

HeY! So I’m a week in, still on 5mg. Felt extra anxious first couple of days now just feel depressed and exhausted. I remember things get worse before they get better but guess I’m just looking for reassurance. Zero motivation which is really unlike me. I hope once the side effects settle this isn’t permanent?! Going up to 10mgs on Wednesday night as I’ll have my DH around for the long weekend.
I keep thinking that the escitalopram is making me feel like this abdvive made a mistake in changing from citalopram.... that’s the anxiety talking though isn’t it?!

CantGetNoSleeeeeeep Wed 25-Oct-17 15:19:48

I increased the dose to 10mg last night, feel spaced out today and can’t eat sad
I remember this from last time, what I’m worried about is that I won’t be sharp enough, my memory recall is shocking. How long until I feel better?

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