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Anxiety when things go well?

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OnlyGodKnowsWhy Wed 11-Oct-17 17:59:42

I am currently feeling pretty annoyed with myself and trying to understand why I get this way when life starts running smoothly.

I have been back with my DH for three months and he is really turning his life around (drink problem), been totally sober for two months, attending AA and back to work. The children are all doing fine too after a horrible year of supporting them through an assault by their father and SN needs. My job is fine too, been there 18 months and the shop is doing well, targets being met (im the manager).

On top of all that, DH has helped me get budgeting and sorting the house out. Shed has been cleared, rubbish taken away, old lounge carpet gone, new vinyl down, finances much better.

Everything is just settled and good. So why on earth has the anxiety started to resurface? I’m on sertraline, have been for nearly three months, second time round. I don’t think I need a dose increase etc. This always happens to me when life is relatively problem free. It’s like I go into a bit of self destruct and start trying to find problems, instead of just relaxing. Anyone else the same?

Robotlady Thu 12-Oct-17 20:17:17

Yes. For me it seems to be some self sabotage for some odd reason, like if nothings going wrong I foul up in some way then worry obsessively about it.

Can't offer anything helpful other than I know exactly what you mean.

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