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How can I support my friend and her DD?

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thepurplehen Wed 11-Oct-17 14:15:10

One of my dearest and closest friends has a 22 year old daughter who came home last week after being at uni for 4 years.

Her DD last night tried to take an overdose is showing strong signs of paranoia, told her 15 year old sister she wants to stab her and wants her sister to stab her. She seems to think she has killed her flatmate. Apparently she is on anti-psychotic drugs and is seeing a mental health worker at home each day.

The DD confided in me at age 16 that she thought she was autistic and was diagnosed at that time. She was also diagnosed with epilepsy, not long after.

I am going to see the family tonight.

I am apprehensive and worried for them all and don't really know what to expect. The family already lost a baby at a year old through a heart condition. The DD's Aunt is a paranoid schizophrenic. The 15 year old is really struggling with bullying and her GCSE's and now can't go to school because she is so worried about her sister. They are such lovely people, who don't deserve this to happen to them. They are long term foster carers too and are always doing things for charity etc.

It's so unfair. sad

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