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I just cant cope anymore

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surbiton1961 Sun 08-Oct-17 15:32:02

I wake up crying and am so desperate. I dont think I can carry on anymore and I'm scared and hate myself for suffering from depression. I dont take any medication: I've tried many different types over the years and yet it always comes back. I don't do anything to help myself now because I am so low and am in such a negative mindset I believe nothing will help me. I just can't bear it anymore but I am too scared to kill myself. I can't express it as well as other posters, and I am trying to type through ters. I had a lovely life and I didn't appreciate it enough and now its all gone. I have adult children living in a different country to me. They would be ok without me. Most of me knows it is wrong to think they would not be affected, but it is so hard to get through the days and weeks of this. My heart and spirit and mind are all broken.

MyLifeIsOver Mon 09-Oct-17 17:42:11

I come across your post as I was just looking on the mental health boards.

Just wanted to say you’re not alone sadflowers

Nissandriver Wed 11-Oct-17 22:36:19

Surbiton, it sounds as though you are really struggling at the moment. Do you have anyone to talk to in RL? Maybe think about reaching out to a trusted friend for RL support or keep talking on here. You have children who I'm sure love you very much. Depression is an illness. Be kind to yourself. I know what a struggle having depression can be, having suffered on and off myself for many years. It took me time to find the right medication and also could me to terms with the fact that medication is a part of my life. You're not alone in how you feel. Depression is exhausting with no relief in sight but it is possible to get to a place where life is bearable again. Please reach out for help, a trusted friend, family member or GP for some RL support

amprev Wed 11-Oct-17 22:56:37

Please consider a new meds. You can do this! Lots of people have felt like you and it is possible to feel better. The medication can help you to feel stronger to begin your journey to enjoying life again. Keep talking.

LEMtheoriginal Wed 11-Oct-17 23:17:14

Offering a hand to hold - you are not alone. I'm in a bad place just now but we just have to keep plodding on. flowers

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