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Im so anxious

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Colinfarrellsarse Fri 06-Oct-17 21:15:39

Im so anxious right now and I can't figure out if its all in my head or completely justified. Im feeling so scared about current world issues. In particular the possibility of nucleur war. I dont usually pay attention to politics but this feels different. I feel like Im the only one worrying as none of my friends or family are talking about this at all and look at me like Ive 10 heads ig I bring it up. I feel like we are all sleepwalking into a disaster. Prior to all this I was worrying about all the terrorism attacks. At the route of all this is my fear for my children. I feel unable to keep them safe and Im really finding this hard. I have stopped watching the news but its almost impossible to get away from. Yes I am a worrier at heart but this is really affecting me. Does this sound completely illogical? Does anyone else feel the same at the moment? Is this some kind of anxiety disorder?

user1480334601 Tue 10-Oct-17 20:14:00

Hiya how you feeling this evening?

Have you spoken to your Dr about this? Might be worth discussing see what they think.

It's easy to focus on things like nuclear war etc but try bring your mind into the present. Your children right now are safe, living in a non war zone, have a roof over their head, have a mum who loves them so much she worries for their future.

Try focus on the present and avoid the news is my advice! If doesn't get better speak to Dr xx

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