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Recommendations of counsellor

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Helpmeplease30 Sun 01-Oct-17 17:21:43

Does anyone have any personal recommendations of counsellors in South West Kent/South East London area? Preferably with experience of supporting rape victims. I know I can look on the bacp website but it's so hard to know who's good. The organisations who deal with this have a long waiting list so looking for someone private. Thanks

Helpmeplease30 Thu 05-Oct-17 14:44:14

Anyone? Please.

Woollycardi Thu 05-Oct-17 15:59:42

Sorry I don't live in that area, but even with a recommendation you will probably need to just go along and meet a few anyway and see who fits you. Good luck.

snowballkitty Thu 05-Oct-17 16:05:32

Your best bet is probably to start here:

Don't let worrying whether someone will be any good stop you from finding someone. Get the ball rolling flowers

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