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Inarutneedhelp Sun 01-Oct-17 14:39:59

I’m not sure where to post this but here goes . I’m posting in so far as it might help me get some perspective and if I implement a plan maybe I might follow it. I don’t know .

From the outside looking in I am ok . I have a reasonable job but it’s parttime but the workload is too much so I struggle there . No one wants to know but I can’t get anything else And the pay is ok . The parttime affords me to spend time with the kids until they finish school , one already in college . So tomorrow I am going to write a list in work of all I need to do and startvto tackle it even if it means overtime unpaid to get on top of it .

House , I cannot keep on top of my housework . I live rural and cleaners work out too expensive when they factor petrol money in . I clean and tidy but it never seems like I do . It’s an old house with a slightly modern kitchen ( well15 years old is kitchen ) and just always looks messy . Think the problem is I’m just so overwhelmed I can’t twckle it . Even now I should be cleaning bathroom but instead I am lying down feeling sorry for myself .

Diet and exercise - just don’t see the point anymore . Feel fat and fumpry . Again I know if I put on my shoes and went for walk I would feel so much better . Food much the same . I could write a ww book but just right now don’t see the point .

So again tomorrow I am going to try and get out of this fog I am in and do one household chore and 15 mins walk . Start again slow .

I used to be fit happy and healthy . I lost both my parents close together a few years ago and I miss my mum especially. Also dh has put me through the ringer over the years with one financial problem after the other. Just hate feeling like this when I know other folk have so much worse problems . I just pretend to the outer world all is fine but inside I’m struggling and just about coping .

I’m not sure why I am writing this except I do find writing helps , and lists . So I’m going to try and tackle few things and hopefully help myself .

Wolfiefan Sun 01-Oct-17 14:42:17

That sounds like an awesome plan. Would you talk to GP. Pills may help. CBT could be useful. Your plan sounds like a great way forward. Good luck.

Wishingandwaiting Sun 01-Oct-17 14:42:30

Good on you Op

But there's lots of talk of lost, and doing things tomorrow (tomorrow you will write a list. Tomorrow you will go for a walk).

Why don't you do just one thing NOW. Could be clean the bathroom; wrote that work list; go for a walk.

Go on Op, do it now!

Wishingandwaiting Sun 01-Oct-17 14:42:55

"Lost" should read "lists"

Inarutneedhelp Sun 01-Oct-17 15:29:36

Wishing Do you know when I pressed post I thought that and I did go clean the bathroom , picked up some hangers that were littering a floor and mopped en suite floor .
Feel better about that . My son is going back to college this eve so I’m taking him to Aldi now to get a few bits and it gets me out of house .
Thanks for support 😊

Wishingandwaiting Sun 01-Oct-17 17:14:42

Good on you!

marmeemarch1 Sun 01-Oct-17 18:11:52

Hi Inarut, I could have written the same post as you. I am so tired and fed up. I feel like I can't possibly get on top of everything at home and at work and it really gets me down. Then I find it hard to get motivated and I feel even worse as I end up wasting my days off or admin time at work. I'd like to blame the time of year or weather, but to be honest I've been like it for months!

I like your plan. I'm too afraid to make lists as am worried I'll feel even more overwhelmed. However I also think I should write things down as I end up forgetting stuff! Well done on getting some jobs done today. I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Inarutneedhelp Sun 01-Oct-17 19:59:34

Hi marmee it’s so hard . I was not always like this . Did feel better after doing the few chores. Yes hope tomorrow goes as planned . I’ll start small around the house and fill a bin bag a day be it with old clothes or just clutter wwe don’t use . And I will do a job a day in work that I need to get on top off. I’m so tired of feeling like this now .

One of my failings is eating too much sugar and I think it makes me sluggish too

marmeemarch1 Sun 01-Oct-17 20:21:59

Yes, I do that too, I think some chocolate or something will pick me up a bit and it gives you energy in the short term but a an hour or so later you feel rubbish! You've inspired me. I am going to set some small goals and see if I can do it too.

Inarutneedhelp Sun 01-Oct-17 20:30:28

Marmee that’s great. Lol I am never an inspiration to anyone . Good luck

Inarutneedhelp Mon 02-Oct-17 18:33:14

So today went ok , work I ticked a couple of boxes . Still room to improve . Home I cleaned kitchen , got up and vacuumed cobwebs from walls . Cleaned the sitting room too . And cooked a nutritious dinner .
I did have chocolate and tea mid afternoon , Rome was not built in a day . I do feel a little more upbeat . Tired now though

marmeemarch1 Mon 02-Oct-17 20:40:44

Well done inarut. I read somewhere that you wouldn't get up one day and suddenly be able to run a marathon, you have to build up to changes. I went for a walk and cleared my spare room wardrobe ready for my MIL to come and stay as well as sorting the washing, so I am pleased with myself. Will feel better going to work tomorrow knowing i won't come home to a house that looks like a laundrette!! Hope you have a good day tomorrow

Inarutneedhelp Tue 03-Oct-17 07:39:29

Well done marmee . That sounds good. Well I put the chocolate in the bin just now as tbh I don’t even like that one but I won’t buy more .

Today I am going to clear my desk a bit more in work and I’m not sure yet for this afternoon but a 20 min walk will be ticked by tonight so that can be today’s challenge . I think your right baby steps needed here . New habits . Nice to have some support .

LoveProsecco Tue 03-Oct-17 07:53:27

Well done! Keep it up as it’s great you are feeling positive with what you have accomplished so far

Inarutneedhelp Wed 04-Oct-17 07:35:02

Loveprosseco thanks .
Welll yesterday was ok . Work was good and I did lots and feel happy . Also cleaned a bedroom top to bottom . I did walk but not how I intended ( walking to bank and shop in work shoes ) and food choices were horrific. So today my aim is to eat well and do proper walk this eve for min of 20 mins .

Mini challenges every day .

LoveProsecco Thu 05-Oct-17 21:38:11

Well done!

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