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Women only problems down there

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lou8719 Sun 01-Oct-17 13:54:01

Hi im really sorry for discussing this I get awful embarrassed by us and this is why two years on Iv still not discussed my problem with the doctor, or family . I have wrote about this issue before and had some lovely replies back which put my mind at ease but still havnt come across anyone who's got the same problem as me and that's what is making me worse . I would love not to be the only one who has these symptoms just so I could talk about it when I'm at my lowest . Right where do I start 🤔 I think it started about 2-3 years ago . It just started with what felt like electric shock feelings in my clitoris . It used to make my whole body jump . You know the feeling you get when your falling in your dream and jump ? That's would I would be like , so I worked my self up so much because it scared me wondering when it would happen again that I couldn't sleep for over a month . I was reading on line then came across persistent gentail aroual syndrome and then convinced my self I had that and I was awful . This condition has ruled my life for all this time and there's been times at night where I really feel like I can't carry on anymore. I havnt felt that was for about a year now because I have learnt to deal with it but I can feel myself not coping to good again . I have noticed that stress and my anxiety brings it on . But it's a vicious circle I got anxiety 24/7 so it's hard to control . Now this is the part that is making me really scared and I'm so tired though out the day it's just taking its toll on me . I have a constant scared feeling in my stomach but that's just my anxiety . So when I go to bed that's hard to deal with because it hurts sometimes . Then il have the occasional shock down there but if I don't concentrate on it it doesn't happen . But once a fall asleep it doesn't matter what time I wake up I have another symptom. Constant spasms in my clitoris . Not the electric shocks but it feels like you know when you clench your pelvic floor muscles ? Well it feels like that but involuntary ! And I have that until I get up from bed ! There's no way I can ever get to sleep once it starts happening because it stops me from falling back off does anyone know what this could be please ? I'd really like to know that I am not alone and more importantly that it is just anxiety related and I will go away . Thankyou all . May I add any feelings that I have down there are not pleasurable at all .

AChanceAtSchool Thu 05-Oct-17 19:27:34

No advice but bumping for you - and if still no replies, I wonder if you would have more luck on a different board (maybe General Health?)

EveOnline2016 Sat 07-Oct-17 14:07:57

Hope this helps

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