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How to help brother shut in room

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cheesypastatonight Mon 21-Aug-17 22:59:05

My brother lives in a shared flat with a flat mate he does not like. He is a very clever guy and is doing a masters but is always very down on himself. He has not been contacting our family at all and we are all very worried about him, he seems to be staying in his room and not coming out at all. Presumably he does to eat and go to the loo but that seems to be it.
He has not turned up to work and his dissertation he says is rubbish and he is now behind on that. I assume he will run out of money at some point. Although my parents send him some I think.

I went to visit him today and he would not come out of his room. I had a conversation through the door, me suggesting he comes out, he can stay with me, I can take him to stay with parents, we care about him, can I go to the doctors with him, will he go to the doctors but he won't engage at all. He just said no thank you about four times and nothing else.

Can anybody advise what to do. He will not respond to texts, emails, letters. So we don't know how he is from one week to the next. He is obviously very depressed .

cheesypastatonight Tue 22-Aug-17 11:38:29


chocolateworshipper Tue 22-Aug-17 17:27:11

I would continue attempting communication so he knows someone cares. Even if you put a note under the door every few days saying "just to let you know I'm here if you do want to talk at any point."

If you have the details of his GP, you could contact the surgery and explain how worried you are and see if they can suggest anything.

Sometimes people with depression think that no one else understands, so you could buy a book such as "Depressive illness, the curse of the strong" by Tim Cantopher and put it under his door, maybe with a note saying "I realise that I don't have experience of what you're going through, but I wondered if this book might help?"

cheesypastatonight Tue 22-Aug-17 22:27:45

Thank you. Yes, I am going to try again on Friday and see if I can get him to chat with me . Perhaps through an open door this time,

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