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self harming

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tigersbuddy Fri 11-Aug-17 11:29:22

What do you do when it's your only option? I'm at my witts end. From the moment the kids wake up to the minute they go to bed they fight and argue. They don't listen. They have no respect for me or the house.
No one in rl is really taking how I feel seriously. My boyfriend keels saying "you'll be alright?" when I don't know if I actually will.
All I want is for someone to scoop me up and hug me......send me back to bed and them deal with the shit for a bit. I'm trying to hard to hold it all together and failing. My daughter is supposed to be having a sleep over for her birthday tomorrow but is refusing to tidy up. My son is supposed to be having my sister over to help him with his YouTube channel buy hadn't got the things prepared to actually do it.
I can't do it all.......any no one is taking me seriously.

FreakinScaryCaaw Wed 16-Aug-17 06:42:45

How old are dcs?

MebeingMe Wed 16-Aug-17 16:11:41

(Not being patronising) .....
Take a deep breath........ and tell yourself you can do it. Take 5 minutes out, even if it's just stepping outside the front door for some fresh air.
It's awful feeling the way your feeling at the moment but taking yourself to bed and hoping things have changed by the time you get back up really isn't going to help. Believe I know what it is like, once your in that bed it's become harder after time to face reality.
How old are your children? Are they old enough to understand a mature conversation if you was to sit down with them? If possible, trying and have a conversation with your boyfriend and share with him how your feeling, it's hard for people to help us when their unaware of how we feel. I really hope this post helps in some way.

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