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Retraining repetitive thoughts, anyone got any suggestions?

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FindingJessica Tue 11-Jul-17 19:11:48

Has anyone tried any type of thinking / mind control techniques to help them to retrain their thoughts.
I had a horrible although brief relationship with a man who 'ghosted' me. I think him leaving my life was probably the best thing he could have done if this is the way he treats people but I am now left with repetitive thoughts about him. I really want to somehow try and retrain my brain.
I've had some recent counselling and identified why it triggered so much sadness and anxiety which has helped. My anxiety has really reduced as have my physical symptoms of it. I'm managing very well in all areas of my life again now and don't seem to feel that sad now. I think because I have spent so much time going over and over wondering why he left my life suddenly with no explanation the thoughts have become habitual and I can't move on. I could move on and meet someone else who would make me much happier but my brain feels stuck in a rut.
Has anyone got any experience of this or techniques they have tried?

Aintgotnosoapbox Tue 11-Jul-17 21:50:39

The only thing I can think of at present is mindfulness, which is mind training.
Try Headspace free app, or consider a course.
Basically you breathe, focus on the natural breathing, and also your sensory input around you, be it the sunshine on your skin, your feet on the floor, rain on your face, the birdsong.
As thoughts come, you notice that and regain focus on your breathing and on your immediate experience/ surroundings.
It's refreshing, and helps you see thoughts as separate from you.

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