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Work and mental health

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fridaykitten Mon 10-Jul-17 08:03:00

I just wanted to know what other people's experiences were of trying to go back to work after a period of not working due to poor mental health.

My consultant maintains that I'm not ready for work and there is no rush but I feel so utterly useless and felt that a part time job would help me to find some purpose to my weeks.

dangermouseisace Mon 10-Jul-17 12:32:19

to be honest I'd listen to your consultant.

I didn't, and basically being forced to resign after a few days just further destroyed my confidence.

Have you thought about doing some voluntary work instead?

NolongerAnxiousCarer Tue 11-Jul-17 18:44:38

I also think its a good idea to listen to your consultant. Voluntary work could be a good option in terms of easing back in and improving your cv.

My husbands mental health team run activities and groups which he found helped him to have a structured week and rebuild confidence before returning to work. In some areas there are recovery colleges which offer a similar kind of thing.

My husband loves to be working too and finds his mental health is improved by work so long as its a supportive team and a low stress role.

erinaceus Wed 12-Jul-17 05:35:34

Listen to your consultant.

If the problem is structuring your days, I did a lot of stuff with local MH services and with friends who were also not working.

I felt useless and like a burden to society. I am phasing back into work now and finding it really tough going but I am managing okay.

If you would like ideas of stuff to do I can throw some at you. It might help if you mentioned where you are in the country.

kateandme Wed 12-Jul-17 05:39:34

in my experience if hes saying this he means this.they are more pushy to get you itno work usually so for them to say listen hun.
what about talking through with them about doing something else.
soup kitchen.voluntary work.a shelter,or charity shop.just starting small.
there are things you can do from home to like proof a dogs a library.things you can do for an hour or day at a time.
or what about online course.
something to get your mind going if yu not ready for the pressure of "must go" when in a job.
is there anything you want to do/learn.

dangermouseisace Wed 12-Jul-17 21:21:18

voluntary work doesn't mean 'flakey'

The voluntary work I'm doing is surprisingly full on, and I'm finding the 2 half day sessions that I have to commit to harder than I imagined.

But because it IS voluntary there isn't the same pressure as if it was paid , so I have been able to take time off without getting overly questioned, and having voluntary work is good on your CV for when you get into paid work.

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