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If I go to a&e will they tell anyone ?

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anywhichwayup Sat 03-Jun-17 01:42:37

I'm having thoughts of suicide and it comes in waves. I know I'm being irrational but I darent go to a&e incase they tell someone. My kids are sleeping over at a relatives and I'm on my own. I'm in so much emotional pain and I can't see anything to live for even though I have kids they seem happier when I'm or there but I feel trapped in life knowing they would hurt to find out I had died. If I go to a&e what will happen will they tell anybody I'm there? I need some help

BritInUS1 Sat 03-Jun-17 01:44:24

You sound so desperate, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but if you really feel like your life is in danger please go to the hospital.

Would talking to someone help? You could call the Samaritans? xxx

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 01:46:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 01:47:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anywhichwayup Sat 03-Jun-17 01:49:55

I've rung before and I just feel they can't help. This is so painful.

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 01:54:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiba Sat 03-Jun-17 01:56:00

You are important and you matter.

Please go to a&e.

Is there anything you would like to talk about?

It could be anything just to get you through the night and see the light in the morning.

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 01:57:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anywhichwayup Sat 03-Jun-17 02:03:48

I'm not sure what to do I'm worried they will contact my estranged husband and tell him I've been. I'm worried about having the kids taken away from me and being labelled crazy. But then I think if I do it then not won't matter. But then my kids will hurt so much. I'm trapped in life by my children and they look so much like him. I want to stand on a bridge so a nice police woman will just give me hug

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 02:05:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mylittlestsunshine Sat 03-Jun-17 02:07:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anywhichwayup Sat 03-Jun-17 02:08:55

None of my friends understand and they aren't what I need. My family don't understand everyone is just drained of me now.

ImpetuousBride Sat 03-Jun-17 02:10:49

Not sure they can without your consent - are you worried about them informing DP or relatives? Sorry, I don't have the answer either. In my experience the Samaritans are not always great help (in fact had a so called "trained volunteer" once who managed to make me feel worse) but have you sought help through therapy or psychiatric referral? Is there anything specific you think might be triggering these bouts of destructive thoughts?

anywhichwayup Sat 03-Jun-17 02:11:07

I keep dropping off to sleep with my phone. I haven't taken anything just exhausted. Il try sleep for now I'm just scared of that feeling when I wake up and for a moment everything's ok and then it will hit me so so so hard....

tiba Sat 03-Jun-17 02:15:55

Sleep is good for now.

Even if it's on and off, as sleep deprivation makes these feelings worse.

Don't put pressure on yourself to have to feel ok.

In the morning you can get to the out of hours doctors if you prefer and start from there flowers

Broken11Girl Sat 03-Jun-17 02:17:11

Oh, love.
They won't tell anyone, AFAIK, assuming no other concerns about your DC. There are any number of threads on here by suicidal women - never seen one have DC removed. SS wouldn't have the resources to do so if they wanted to.
Please go to A&E flowers

ImpetuousBride Sat 03-Jun-17 02:18:13

* just saw your post (about estranged DP and kids). Is there a close friend or someone (anyone) that you could ask to come over and give you a big hug/talk things through? Alternatively, as PP suggested talk to us here and get some virtual hugs and support

Hiphopopotamus Sat 03-Jun-17 02:19:40

Please sleep. I know I'm going against the grain but don't go to A&E. I did that when I was suicidal and had seriously self harmed. I was kept in a room until someone from the mental health team could see me. They made me feel so stupid, almost scoffed at my self harm attempt and told me they would follow up with a phone call. I left feeling awful. My advice to you is stay safe, stay in a familiar environment. Look after yourself as best you can and make a GP appointment tomorrow.

LorLorr2 Sat 03-Jun-17 02:19:45

I am sending you lots of hugs and arm strokes to make you feel better. Be honest with yourself in the morning about how you feel, have some tea, look after yourself.
Have you had any treatment for your feelings before?

user1496272879 Sat 03-Jun-17 02:20:59

You sound depressed. Depression is treatable, you will feel better in a matter of weeks. If you feel suicidal go to AE or alternatively dial your GP number now. They usually have a recorded message with the emergency numbers you can phone. Help is available 24/7 at least in my area and all information is confidential. If you think you can keep yourself safe , then go to your GP on Monday. Please, do not delay treatment, takes 2 or 3 weeks to get better.

kateandme Sat 03-Jun-17 03:14:15

needing someone to give you a hug and rescue you from a bridge isn't wanting to die hun.that is so permanent.its you need your mind in your throughts you need saving. that doesn't mean dyin.that it mumsnet in the sky to say whether you've done option of there being a time in the future that things might be different. your gone literally end seeing kids seeing the sky,or summer flowers.its all very over.
what if the world could be brighter for you again?are you out of options.i gaurentee you aren' can eb better than this.people have been where you are and have been through it.and become happy.

mylaptopismylapdog Sat 03-Jun-17 03:15:02

You deserve and need some support please don't be afraid to seek it. I have had years of depression and felt like you but I know that it is possible for you to feel better,you feel depleted now, sleep and time will will help. I appreciate that you felt the Samaritans can't help but it might help you just to talk, to hear another voice. There are people out here who want you to feel better and would give you a hug if they could.

ItsNotRocketScienceThough Sat 03-Jun-17 03:58:36

Hey hope you've had some sleep. {flowers}

ShintyFartMuscle Sat 03-Jun-17 04:01:31

I can't answer your question as I don't know what happens, and I'm writing this hoping that you are asleep.

Sleeping and eating well and getting some excercise can help, they won't cure anything but lack of sleep etc will make things seem worse.

If you couldn't walk because your leg hurt, we'd all advise you to go and see/talk to someone to find out what's wrong. This is the same thing, things are not ok, you need to find some help. We're here, there are all these people online to help, but you need some real life help too.

To echo my laptop, there are people who want to help you feel better.

NellieBuff Sat 03-Jun-17 04:41:46

Darling - you need to seek medical assistance asap. Please go either to A&E, a walk in centre if you have one or your out of hours doctor. Please do not second guess yourself - no one will judge you but they will help to make these feelings go away.

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