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Ending therapy after years

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cupthejunction Thu 01-Jun-17 17:49:15

I have been seeing the same wobsef therapist for 2 and a bit years and it has really helped me with all aspects of my life and got me through some tough times.
It's now hard to get to get because I return to work after ML soon so won't have any child free or work free time.

Has anyone else experience terminating therapy? What can I expect? Will I cope without it? What if my life goes wrong?


UserThenLotsOfNumbers Thu 01-Jun-17 17:57:16

What's wobsef?

cupthejunction Thu 01-Jun-17 18:16:55

Sorry, meant to say wonderful

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Thu 01-Jun-17 18:35:32

He he! I did wonder. Ending therapy is something you need to talk to your counsellor about. Just be honest with them. You can then work towards an ending together.

SheepAshwap Thu 01-Jun-17 20:08:05

Definitely discuss it - it's a totally normal thing to come up.

And what about phasing it out so you move from, say, weekly to every two weeks? Doesn't necessarily have to be abrupt, depending on your timeframe.

pumpkinpie5 Thu 01-Jun-17 20:20:05

I too, have been seeing my counsellor for that length of time. I will watch the replies with interest as it is something I worry about too. Not sure how I will cope without but aware that I need to at some point. I see mine every three weeks now so am increasing time between nut if I have q crisis is tends to go back to every two weeks. I can't suggest anything helpful but just wanted to say I totally understand the situation.

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