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Can anyone recommend any natural alternative medicine for anxiety and anger?

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RedStripeIassie Mon 29-May-17 18:59:49

I really don't want to restart sertraline again or any other meds for my anxiety but I can feel it worsening at the moment despite being in a good place in my life.

How have people found st Johns wort and are there other things to try. My PMT is off the charts too. Someone recommended evening primrose oil for the PMT but I don't know where to start with alternative therapies. TIA

Wolfiefan Mon 29-May-17 19:02:17

I don't either!
I find exercise helps me. Body combat really counters the desire to thump certain people. blush
Getting outside also helps me hugely.
I had CBT and find planning out my weeks helps with the anxiety.

RedStripeIassie Mon 29-May-17 19:05:10

I just felt soooo tired and zombie like on it. I love gentle exercise and it really does help but some days I can't manage it.

I want to get CBT. My therapist has dumped me sad so I'm looking for a CBT one now. High hope for it!

Wolfiefan Mon 29-May-17 19:19:35

CBT did really help me. I was very low so needed the pills (citalopram) too.
Even a short walk outside does me the power of good.
And I doubt you remember me but I remember a previous thread or two. Forgive me for referring to it but you sound like things are more settled/better?? Hope so. flowers

RedStripeIassie Mon 29-May-17 19:25:32

I remember your name and your good no nonsense/ no shit advice! It really helped me.

Things are really good thanks which kind of proves to myself that my MH issues must be hormonal as well as to do with life. I really want to sort my head out!

Wolfiefan Mon 29-May-17 21:41:41

Oh bless you OP. I'm really glad you are on the way to better things. Hoping for happy times ahead. You're strong. You're going to make this better. I hope you are proud of changing things. flowers

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