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AIBU to constantly fear dying.... is this normal or do I need to see help?

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Libbywx Sat 27-May-17 20:02:01

Ever since I got pregnant, I have developed crazy fear of dying. I think up irrational scenarios and have gotten so scared that i won't go to a local shopping centre because I fear terrorist attacks.

I'm terrified of something happening to me and me leaving my son. Is this a motherhood thing... or do I need to seek some help? Any advice appreciated.

2Creamteas Sat 27-May-17 20:35:54

Becoming a mum does change your outlook as you are suddenly responsible for a tiny human being. You see things differently and you are not as care free as before.
However, I would say at a guess, you are suffering from extreme anxiety. Please see your GP

Lisa9819 Sat 27-May-17 20:49:23

I think it's pretty normal. I was pretty wreckless when I was younger and completely fearless... was always skydiving, backflipping off piers into the ocean... those sorts of things without a second thought. Since having kids I have totally changed and am extremely cautious, even when the kids aren't with me. But that's because life is not just about you anymore! I've definitely had many moments of thinking about what would happen to my kids if I died and get terrible anxiety when I hear a story of a person who has died that left small children behind. So I think that is pretty common. I just try to remind myself that worrying will not change what is to come. I can only try my best to make wise decisions and continue to live life.

If it is stopping you from living your life though and you've began isolating yourself in anyway out of fear then you should see your doctor and speak to them about it.

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