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EMDR - not sure if this is normal?

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Joto369 Tue 16-May-17 18:47:59

I've had my second session of emdr today. At the initial session we went through my life and some of the things I've been through. I went for EMDR for help with a phobia of tak8kng meds. I was very hormonal at that session and was upset and crying at recalling some things that usually wouldn't get me do emotional! I also had a car accident 6mths ago though it doesnt affect me at all - driving fine no flashbacks etc. I was also having relationship issues but after couples counselling theyve by and large been resolved. The first session I was anxious about what would happen - I don't like feeling odd nor did I want to feel worse. Ended up having a panic attack. This session I questioned some things like when asked about my grandad dying (I was very close) such as who told me where was I when told etc i said i couldnt remember and she assumed I was burying it. No I just can't remember!!! I talked about how when I'm very anxious for a long period of time I become exhausted and switch off feeling derealisation though I function go to work etc. She said this is often from a childhood trauma? Is this normal for EMDR? She thought I was so tired because I have a dialogue constantly going on in my mind though im not conscious of it due to trauma. I Thought maybe it was due to a prolonged period of stress, poor appetite, 2hr daily commute (now stopped thankfully!) plus the joys of perimenopause. I actually came away wondering if I was losing it and not aware!!!!! Has anyone any thoughts?

MustShowDH Wed 17-May-17 00:58:34

No idea if this is normal for this type of therapy but if you're not comfortable with a therapist see if you can change.

Joto369 Wed 17-May-17 04:49:10

Thanks. After some thought I'll be taking a step back from this and letting things be for a while. I think I need to let my body and mind rest first after a very stressful period.

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