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Is this really strange, anyone else like this?

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Isabelle567 Mon 15-May-17 12:56:40

I have a bit of a weird problem, I've always had sketchy mental health problems that I keep to myself
I really love childish things, I like pink and pastels, I wear kids clothes, I just went and bought myself a jojo bow
I know this sounds crazy, I'm really not a troll,
To the outside world I probably appear quite normal, I have a husband and a job, a nice house, but secretly I'm a big child,
Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy?

EtonMessi Mon 15-May-17 12:57:39

I have two friends who love Hello Kitty; they are both highly educated professionals with successful careers and happy families.

I wouldn't overthink it.

EtonMessi Mon 15-May-17 12:58:50

Oh and I buy Sylvanian Families toys "for my children". Yes they love them, but the only reason I don't ever play with them is that I haven't got the time! Otherwise I'd be at home putting them into their little beds right now grin

Isabelle567 Mon 15-May-17 12:58:58

Sometimes I think well it's not harming anyone but then I think who age 40 buys them self a child's hair bow!

NotTheBelleoftheBall Mon 15-May-17 13:00:31

I can't wait until DD is old enough to buy her the doll's house of MY dreams.

You might be over thinking due to previous MH issues, so second-guessing yourself whereas other people might just happily get on with their slight weirdisms.

I think it's only an issue if it's affecting your happiness or the people around you.

gamerchick Mon 15-May-17 13:02:19

I'm 42 and I buy my winter hats in the child section. I like ones with ears wink I have teddys and posters on my bedroom wall amongst other things.

I reached the age of not giving a toss, I'm a grown up and will please myself. Don't be a sheeple and do things you think you should. We all need something that gives us a happy feeling and if a bow does that then so be it.

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Mon 15-May-17 13:05:10

Why the feck not!

fueledbybacon Mon 15-May-17 13:07:14

There really are no rules OP. If it makes you happy and it's not harming you or anyone else then go ahead!

I love a good colouring book and crayons. None of that mindfulness zen colouring books for adults. Give me clowns and teddy bears any day!

Isabelle567 Mon 15-May-17 13:08:07

Thanks, i like my bow! I won't wear it to work tho!
I've namechanged but I've posted in mental health before everyone is so supportive on here, thanks everyone
I think I have Aspergers and I don't have any friends in real life so it's nice to get some reassurance x

gamerchick Mon 15-May-17 13:15:08

I especially like the rainbow one google through up hafta admit grin

chocolateworshipper Mon 15-May-17 16:41:55

I own two talking Minions and now I have bought myself a dancing Groot. I'm nearly 50!

Glitterywillows Mon 15-May-17 16:55:54

I have 2 my little pony headbands with ears and hair. I love them. I enjoy buying toys with my daughter. I

TheRightHonourableLady Mon 15-May-17 17:05:24

I was the opposite, I was a forty-odd woman in my young days! Whatever makes you happy - go for it.

outabout Mon 15-May-17 17:12:55

Boys have 'train sets (sorry, 'model railways').
If you can fit into kids clothes you can save money and 'toys' can be whatever makes you happy, just be happy!!

FauxPasadena Mon 15-May-17 17:26:16

This is me! I love Lego, glitter, multi-coloured hair, WWE, Disney, Happy Meals and Adventure Time.

I suffer from quite severe depression. This helps keep me "sane".

Isabelle567 Mon 15-May-17 19:54:35

Thanks everyone, glad I posted here, can you imagine if I'd posted "AIBU to buy myself a jojo bow?"

poseybows Wed 07-Jun-17 17:06:18

Trust me Isabelle567 this isn't strange at all! I've just launched my first business which happens to sell hair bows online and although I've aimed the product at children you wouldn't believe how many orders I've had from women buying them for themselves! A friend of mine also wears them frequently and they are all over the fashion catwalks so you're just on trend!

And regarding being a big child, I am in my 30's and I have an obsession with lego! I can sit and build for hours so don't worry, you're not alone and don't get me started on Disney! I'm a big kid too and proud!!

If anyone wants a bow for themselves you can find our selection at - sorry to plug!

erinaceus Thu 08-Jun-17 01:07:57

Thanks everyone, glad I posted here, can you imagine if I'd posted "AIBU to buy myself a jojo bow?"


Dare you? (That was a joke. I do not actually dare you to do this. That is unlikely to be helpful for anyone.)

I do not see the problem with any of the behaviours you describe. I know a number of people like this and it never occurred to me that it was a problem to be honest.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Thu 08-Jun-17 01:23:00

I have a weird child like reaction to cuddly toys. I properly squee and have to stop myself jumping up and down if I see a particularly cute or funny one.

DH humours me and isn't at all embarrassed. I would be, I act like a frickin loon.

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