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Just had enough

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fedupstressedout Sun 14-May-17 22:24:53

Name changer. Feel like a fraud posting as I know lots of other people have much worse problems.

I've just had enough, I'm so anxious all the time and on my last nerve. Can't relax and feel as though I'm failing at every aspect of my life.

Teenage daughter has been an absolute nightmare for various reasons for past year. This has been horrendous and whilst she has been a pain I have supported her and continue to do so. Hopefully we have turned a corner.

Worrying about her and younger DC who has been a bit left out due to all attention on older sister. Trying to resolve this and spending good family time together.

Relationship with DP suffered too and we had a short break apart. Sorted that out but now I'm on edge because of that.

I'm worrying about all of them, my job, keeping home going etc. Basically I'm just anxious and tense about everything.

SlB09 Sun 14-May-17 22:30:22

Sending a hug to you, sounds like you cant see the wood for the trees atm.

Maybe talking it through with someone would help you to understand your situation and how you can cope with it? Sounds like your taking the weight of the world onto your own shoulders, sometimes taking a little 'me' time also helps with this. No excuses, no 'but so & so needs me to do this' etc. Self care is key, you are an equally important member of your family, treat yourself as such. Take care xx

chocolateworshipper Mon 15-May-17 21:05:08

I suspect that you are suffering from something similar to me. I have recently realised that a lot of my problems stem from living in a "fight or flight" state for too long. This plays havoc with our brain and our body. I thoroughly recommend reading "The body keeps the score" by Bessel van der Kolk. I haven't finished it yet, so I'm not sure what the answer is, but boy oh boy it has been fascinating realising why I am struggling so much.

fedupstressedout Tue 16-May-17 13:20:38

Thank you for your replies.

Like many of us I'm juggling several different balls in the air and I feel like I've dropped the most precious ones.

Honestly feel like a crap mum, can't do right for doing wrong.
Every time I think we've turned a corner something else comes up.

Eldest daughter so difficult at the moment. She's been through a tough time and has been acting out because of it. She's put us through some very worrying and frustrating times and now every time the phone goes I am on alert for another problem. I can't relax, I don't want to go out with DP or friends incase something happens. I haven't been out for weeks, other than to work or with all of the family.

I'm pissed off with DP. Feel as though he buggered off when everything got too heavy. Now I'm on edge that he will be off if things get too Much again. He's not my children's dad but we've been together for years and he is a brilliant stepdad.

I know I'm rambling, I just need to empty my head!

blimppy Tue 16-May-17 14:17:16

I think I'm in a very similar place to you! DD was very ill with anxiety and depression last year. Now diagnosed ASD and mostly manages both that and continuing anxiety well. But she still has down times and can be challenging. I feel like I spent last year on a knife edge and still can't relax. Also worried about younger DD and the pact on her. And amongst it all, relationship with DH feels like it has disappeared. I just keep fantasising about going away. So, no answers I'm afraid, but a lot of sympathy x

fedupstressedout Tue 16-May-17 15:16:00

Sorry to hear you're in the same boat! flowers I hope things improve for you.

I honestly could do with a night or weekend away from it all but that's just not possible at the moment. I've fantasised about packing a bag and disappearing for a night but I couldn't do it.

I'm so tired and fed up, and I look dreadful. I just keep thinking that this won't be forever and one day it will be behind us, I'm just worried what the fall out will be!

This is all very indulgent but it is helping.

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