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Postnatal depression

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kiwi10 Wed 10-May-17 18:21:08

I had my baby almost a year ago, straight after I had my baby I became instantly unhappy I lost all confidence I couldn't bond with my baby properly I struggled to breast feed and I just cried and panicked at everything I feel as if I was such a bad mum! I was lucky enough to had a partner to helped me through it. Anyway still to this day I'm still feeling awful since day one constant crying at everything I struggle to wake up I struggle to brush my teeth or even brush my hair. It's getting to the point where even eating I can't do it I feel as if everything is a chore. I just feel so alone. I do my best I give what little energy I have to my baby and make sure she's changed fed dresses bathed and entertained and then I feel exhausted like I've ran a marathon. I've been tempted to go to the doctors but I was judged and questioned as I was in care previously by a health visitor really put me off as I have always been judged by my past life when I'm completely different they judged me as I am young (21) on top of that I feel so looked down on which makes it even harder I know I may sounds stupid but I even feel defeated with that too. I feel like I don't know to do anymore. I've been like this for a year and I know I can't keep saying it's ok all the time or this isn't forever but it feels like it, it's not getting better it's getting worse. I feel stuck.

Justaboy Wed 10-May-17 18:30:28

Please Please kwiei10 go and seek medical attention PND is a very real problem. It matters not what you may or may not have done in the past etc and anyone who advises you otherwise hasn't a clue about the subject!.

Just make sure that you de go and get the doctor to see you and refer you to a Psychiatrist if need be.

I now expect another 1000 mum's to tell you the same! I've lived with a lady who had this and the outcome wasn't that good.

Its an illness just like any other and it needs treatment go get it please!

Ceetee23 Wed 10-May-17 20:02:02

Definitely. See your GP. See one that you like/trust and they won't judge you on your past. I've had post natal depression after both my children and what you describe is exactly that. You don't have to feel that way. Take care x

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