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Depression when you have a child - SS?

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OftheUppahUplands Mon 08-May-17 13:41:25

I'm hoping someone can put my mind at rest please. I've noticed my mood dropping over the past month or so, and having suffered with depression for a long time in the past, recognise the signs. I'm poised to call the GP for an appointment to review whether I should go back on meds or not. I'm not in or at all near being in crisis (have been, twice in the past) and don't feel like I'm headed that way at all, but... given I have in the past do you think going to talk to the GP would cause them to involve Social Services?

When I fell pregnant with DS I was so worried that it'd be an issue, but no one has mentioned anything. Yet I'm hugely anxious that the doctor might think I'm a bad mother if I say this. I'm' sure the anxiety is due to the depression, but just really wanted reassurance that I am just worrying unnecessarily.

blueskyinmarch Mon 08-May-17 13:46:03

I too have suffered depression/anxiety previously and was prescribed medication. No-one called anyone about my children. Oh, and also, I am a social worker myself! You would be surprised (or may not) to know how many social workers, teachers, health professionals etc have depression and take medication. It is very common. Unless there is a lot you are missing out of your story then you have nothing to worry about.

silkpyjamasallday Mon 08-May-17 13:46:18

They can't take your DC away because of depression, I had the same worries before I had DD as I worried they would judge me as being incapable of looking after her while depressed, as it was my depression lifted once I had her and so far I haven't had the black dog for a long while now. They will be glad you came in to your GP at the first signs, it shows that you are aware of your mental wellbeing and the wellbeing of your child. flowers for you OP, it's really hard living with depression but you are handling it so well

Jellybean85 Mon 08-May-17 14:04:27

I work in social services and agree with pp.
sometimes the Gp might get in touch if they think you need support.
Social services
Could offer an assessment and put some things in place if you need them.
Examples I've worked with recently have been helping the mum arrange stay and play sessions and assistance with taking dc to medical appointments.
But nothing sinister to worry about an chances are gp won't even make referral smile
You've recognised it early it shows great awareness which is very positive

OftheUppahUplands Mon 08-May-17 14:17:55

Thanks all - you've really helped put my mind at rest.

There's no back story (save for being in crisis twice previously - but not since 2013). It's just an overwhelming fear which I'm sure is caused by the depression itself - hence the need to make the appointment, but I just couldn't talk myself down/ out of that anxiety.

Right, lets get the phone ready for the 3pm appointment scrum.

Thanks again, I feel a bit less like a total failure now!

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