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NLP, CBT or hypnotherapy (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)

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Pollyanna9 Sun 30-Apr-17 11:49:00

Ok. So I have a repetitive habit that I really want to stop. I found a really good video on YouTube for this exact thing and thought I'd give it a go. I was absolutely delighted that the very following day when I would normally have 'indulged' in this habit oh, for about ten hours almost constantly, I only did the habit THREE TIMES. How happy was I! After two days the affected part of my body was already starting to look better and I was SOOOO happy.

But now I'm back to doing the habit again despite this initial success. Thinking back, this happened before. I did hypnotherapy to help with overeating - again, it worked great to start with, then stopped working! So you can't say 'You weren't successfully 'hypnotised'' - because it did work - why does it then stop?

So this is leading me to think, if there's some reason why it only ever lasts for 48 hours-3 days then stops working, would NLP or CBT be better, or a combined version (I believe there's hypnotherapy-led CBT (if I have that right))...?

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sun 30-Apr-17 19:10:18

I have some experience with nlp both seeing a therapist and training to use it with other people myself. I know there are some good techneques for overcoming addiction and changing behaviour, but have limited experience of this. I would reccommend finding a therapist who is experienced in using it in this way.

From an nlp perspective if you keep reverting back to the behaviour/way of thinking after treatment then your brain must think it is beneficial to you on some level, so there may be some other work around the root of the behaviour that is needed rather than purely focusing on the habit/behaviour.

Pollyanna9 Sun 30-Apr-17 19:24:35

Thank you nolonger, that's useful. It's so crazy because of just how incredibly fabulous I felt the day after listening to the hypnotherapy video - it's so daft - I was SO thrilled with my skin (which already after just a couple of days started to feel better). I was absolutely stoked.

The problem is I'm just about to start a new job and I can't go to regular appointments that would take me out of work.

What sort of therapist should I be looking for - hypnotherapist, CBT/ NLP?! There's too many dagnabbit!

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sun 30-Apr-17 22:02:14

Of the 3 I've only got experience of NLP so can't compare. NLPs worked well for me personally there.

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