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Gestalt Therapy?

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Squiffy01 Sat 29-Apr-17 10:03:43

Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone knew much about it has done Gestalt Therapy.
I have been recommended this man who I met with ones who seems nice but thought he was just a traditional therapist type person. He practices gestalt and I have been doing some reading and not sure it's for me but can't quite decide so wondered if anyone had any experiences good or bad?


msrisotto Sat 29-Apr-17 10:07:42

I've never had it but a wonderful therapist friend of mine had Gestalt therapy and he trained in it. I'd say it is a good approach.

Squiffy01 Sat 29-Apr-17 10:53:34

Thanks msrisotto not sure if I'm just looking for excuses. Maybe give it a try and see.

Reow Sat 29-Apr-17 10:55:51

I had gestalt therapy for many years. It is excellent.

wfrances Sat 29-Apr-17 11:49:11

im doing gestalt therapy - (recently started ), seems ok.

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