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Finding a therapist to Skype from the US/Canada

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newproblemnewname Thu 27-Apr-17 21:58:44

Name changed for obvious reasons.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and lonely, and it's getting to the point I want to see a counsellor.

I have a young child and no reliable childcare, so it's not as simple as seeing my GP or self-referring to a charity or private practice.

Wondering if I could see someone via Skype late at night once child is in bed, like at 10pm or so, if I used someone working from the US as it would be the middle of the day there and normal office hours.

Is this a good/feasible idea, and can anyone help me actually arrange it? How would I find a not-too-expensive (but qualified) therapist over there?

V grateful for any help!

newproblemnewname Thu 27-Apr-17 23:53:09

Bump - anyone else ever tried this? Anyone know a therapist in America they could recommend?

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