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Life falling apart and my Doctor has failed me

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LiquoriceWheel Sun 23-Apr-17 12:01:01

I've been on antidepressants for about 6 years for depression and anxiety. I've also experienced pregnancy loss a few years ago which destroyed my whole world.

In the midst of all this, I have somehow managed to obtain full time employment in a low paid low skilled job which was ok for a few years but I find it intolerable now. I've been given so many jobs to do that I can't cope with it anymore. I've had so many absences from work because I can't face my life anymore. I feel like everything is falling apart and I don't know how to be a 'good girl' anymore. I'm drinking a lot and I'm finding it hard to stop. I saw the doctor again recently to tell him that my medication wasn't working and his reaction upset me so much I don't want to see a doctor ever again.

I was crying in front of him and he was cold and unsympathetic. He said I only came to him when things were falling apart and when I told him that I didn't connect with the counsellor he recommended he said that other patients with worse problems were fine with this counsellor.

I'm scared I'm going to be fired. My colleagues are upset with me and my manager has already had a meeting with me about my work performance. I just don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any advice or just a kind word sad.

HomityBabbityPie Sun 23-Apr-17 12:07:38

flowers for you. Sounds very hard.

You need to see a different GP. ASAP!

HorridHenryrule Sun 23-Apr-17 12:16:56

Find another GP hope everything gets better for you. flowers

Chrononaut Sun 23-Apr-17 14:51:55

You can get a second opinion no matter who or what it is. I didnt realise this, but this applies for mental health too! Go to your doctors reception and ask to see a GP who deals with mental health or a female doctor if that doesnt work. Failing that, call the crisis team in your area and express your experience with your gp and ask them to refer you to someone they would recommend

CaulkheadNorth Sun 23-Apr-17 14:54:23

See a different doctor. Register at a different practice if you need to.

LiquoriceWheel Mon 24-Apr-17 08:40:59

Thanks for all your replies. I'll try and find another doctor because I want to get better.

LiquoriceWheel Sat 03-Jun-17 10:01:19

Just updating in case anyone had a similar problem. I found another GP and he referred me to a psychiatrist straight away. I've only been to the psychiatrist once but I feel like I'm finally back on the road to recovery and very much looking forward to getting better flowers

MrFMercury Sat 03-Jun-17 10:04:57

That's fantastic news. Well done on having the courage to try again. The counsellor at my GP's did more harm than good for me, they're not all the same and you need to click with your therapist in order to be able to trust them so just because other people managed that counsellor didn't mean it was your 'fault' when you didn't.

emesis Sat 03-Jun-17 12:04:00

I felt so awful for you reading your first post, it was lovely to read the update. I am thrilled you're getting better help. I absolutely know that dark place where you're tired of living.. it is so terrifying and confusing.

Well done for taking steps to get better.

LiquoriceWheel Sat 03-Jun-17 13:27:48

Thanks mercury and emesis.

The psychiatrist asked me if I was willing to go to hospital and I said yes. So I will be a voluntary in-patient at a psychiatric hospital next week. I know it's very modern these days but I'm still a bit nervous about going. It's a 21 day stay but since I'm a 'voluntary admission' I might be able to leave earlier after a week.

Iris65 Sat 03-Jun-17 13:31:10

You are making a brave choice on the road to recovery. I hope that you get the help that you need.
I have been in a similar state to you and recovered. Best wishes flowers

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