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LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Apr-17 09:11:47

Hi, I'm just trying to fill in the ESA form for a reassessment I'm in the support group in the risk category for mental health and also have a physical condition which needs managed so it's also about risk to that as well.

I was last reassessed in Jan 2016 and placed back in SG on paper so hoping this may happen again.

Can anyone advise to any changes with the ESA. I also noticed there is a new form which seems basically he same, it does ask for an email address. I'm unsure about this as they may derive things like i am proficient using email etc.

Also is it a good idea to include my enhanced rate PIP letter- i was awarded at appeal last year. As some of the criteria there maybe linked with the risk part- in particular things like needing supervision to prepare and cook a meal. Many thanks in advance for any help.

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