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Sick of being disconnected from the world

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user1478351251 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:07:56

Hey warrior mummy's out there ! Am fed up with this horrid detached feeling I cope day to day normally but it's the head pressure almost like my heads,in a vice and sometimes I literally feel as though I'm going fade away that gets me down (not ideal when you have twins ) just need some advice on how people especially us warriors get through it !
I'm on my 5th antidepressants now and like I said I can normally cope but today has been a bad day !! I hate feeling the way I do ! I want a bit of me back is that to much to ask !!! My twins are IVF and my absolute world! Had this horrid feeling for 13months ! Thank you for listening xxx

NolongerAnxiousCarer Mon 10-Apr-17 20:23:33

What you are describing sounds like disociation. I've had it as part of PTSD but I'm not sure if its always associated with trauma or if you get it with other things. If you do have any history of trauma it might be worth checking out the PTSD thread.

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