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House is a tip and electrians are here - anxiety overload

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MilkshakeMonkey Mon 10-Apr-17 09:56:27

Had mh issues my whole adult life. Currently on fluoxetine.

Mood isn't great, school holidays on my own (dh working full on hours), time of the month (always worsens things) - but getting by.
We are having a new kitchen and I didn't realise electrians were coming today and the house is a tip. I'm not talking a little family mess, I'm talking years of no clear outs. When they arrived they said they will need access to every socket in the house. Cue major anxiety. I've managed to make space so they can get to them but it's such a state.
I know it's my own fault, and I am probably just lazy - but I feel so ashamed.
I've been taking rescue remedy spray since this morning anxiety started.
I just need some hand holding. I can't go out and can't even put the tv for the kids (power off). Just have to take myself off now and again to cry and calm down.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Mon 10-Apr-17 14:09:01

Hi monkey,

You will get through it, you've made the space you need, they will do their joband then you will have peace Also MH issues are not laziness, and I'm sure they have seen worse.

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