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CBT in the morning

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Rockhopper81 Tue 04-Apr-17 23:40:32

I have the first session of my course of 1:1 CBT in the morning and am kind of freaking out about it.

I only found out yesterday at 17:30, so I'm not coping very well with the short notice aspect of it. They haven't emailed me the confirmation letter like they said they would (the conversation wasn't easy - the line wasn't great and the administrator who called actually 'huffed' at me at one point when I said I hadn't caught something she'd said) and I've never been there before. Oh, and I've been staying with my parents whilst I'm unwell, so I've had to come back to the town I ordinarily live in for the appointment, which is 3 hours away.

So - talking to someone I don't know, about something I'm not good at describing or talking about. Oh, and having to fill in a form to start with (I find forms very, very tricky)..

My previous experience with CBT (with limited success) was based on my anxiety, but now depression is a major factor too, and I have no idea what to expect.

I'm panicking, in other words.

confused sad

ActuallyThatsSUPREMECommander Tue 04-Apr-17 23:47:54

Big breath darling. Life is tough at the moment. You're struggling. If you go there you might find it helpful or maybe you won't. If you don't all you've lost is an hour of time. If it does help then you have so much to gain.

The administrator is an administrator. Don't let the fact that they're not trained to be sensitive to your specific needs put you off. The actual CBT counsellor will be trained and helpful.

Set the Alarm clock.
Then when it goes off nice cup of tea / coffee
Then shower
Then clothes
Then off to the CBT

Life is pretty crappy at the moment. You have done the hard bit: said "This is not good and I want it to change". If you can find the strength to do that then anything is possible.

Rockhopper81 Wed 05-Apr-17 00:25:00

Thank you - I do want to get better, it just seems so hard and far away at the moment.

I guess even if I end up having a massive crying session afterwards (I seem to be able to cry at the slightest thing lately), it's not the end of the world.

Fingers crossed I sleep at least a little tonight.

Privateandconfidentialplease Wed 05-Apr-17 10:46:52

I hope the session goes well.I have online cbt in a few weeks and I am not sure what that involves so I am anxious about it.

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