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Anxiety and Depression

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Rockhopper81 Sat 01-Apr-17 23:54:10

I hope it's okay to post here, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of my current situation really.

I am currently signed off work with depression/anxiety (I have been since January 2nd) and have come to stay with my parents whilst I'm unwell (I live alone in another town 3hrs away ordinarily). I am currently taking Citalopram (which I take for anxiety generally anyway, but the dosage has been upped at the moment). I have Aspergers, so I expect a certain level of anxiety in my life, but the autumn was hard, Christmas topped it off and now I am so anxious all the time and am also depressed (new to me).

My work are being very understanding about this - although my Aspergers diagnosis isn't common knowledge, my line manager knows and is incredibly supportive, as well as being brilliant about my current period of illness.

I was referred to OH for an assessment. I had to take my mum with me - I can't manage being outside and going places on my own at the moment - so she was in the waiting room. I have a fidget toy to try and distract me in these types of situations. I also have ridiculously poor eye contact.

Anyway, the OH appointment was a nightmare, for a variety of reasons. The doctor wants to see me again in 2 months, but I was hoping to be back at work before that. In all honesty, I was hoping to be back at work weeks ago - I honestly thought it would just take a couple of weeks for me to feel significantly better - but things haven't turned out that way.

However, at the end of the disastrous meeting, the doctor said I should contact my GP to discuss whether I need to inform the DVLA of my anxiety and depression, and they would suspend my license if it was a severe case. I assume the GP will tell me if they believe it to be a severe enough case to inform them. The doctor asked if I could drive on my own - I said I was fine driving on my own, that driving wasn't anxiety provoking for me, but that obviously I needed support to go anywhere I'd driven to. So I could collect my mum from work, or drive back to the town I live in and stay with my friend for example, but I didn't drive anywhere to go somewhere alone, if that makes sense.

I am not suicidal - although I have had thoughts that I would be better off not here, I have never actually thought about ending my life. I'm waiting for yet another course of CBT through the NHS (CBT has been hard historically for me, as most counsellors do not consider the impact the Aspergers has on me as well - I see things differently from the majority of their patients), as the Community Mental Health Team won't see me at the moment and think I should try CBT again first. I've been waiting since before Christmas for something to be in place now.

I'm just sick of waiting for some sort of help - I'm incredibly frustrated that I don't appear to be getting anywhere. Although I don't want to spend weeks more indoors or only going out when accompanied, I can't see how I'll be able to and the thought makes me feel ridiculously ill.

My question though - I apologise for it having taken so long to get to this point - is this: has anybody experienced having to notify the DVLA of depression or anxiety?

I am currently very worked up over this - I have been since the appointment yesterday - and I find it very hard to 'not worry' about something when it's in my head. If my license is suspended, I honestly believe it would make me feel considerably worse - I'm not sure what hope I would ever have of being able to go out again in that situation. This is only exacerbating my anxiety and then the depression when I consider being 'stuck' without my car.

Has anyone had any experience of this? Sorry for the lengthy post - if you read to the end you deserve a medal!

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sun 02-Apr-17 00:21:07


I've had depression, PTSD and anxiety and have never heard of needing to inform the DVLA. I suspect if you go onvtheir website there will be a list of notifiable conditions.

Recovering from Depression takes time, its great that your work have been so supportive. I've recently had 3 months off sick myself, I found I didn't start to feel better until I took the pressure off myself to get better and get back to work.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sun 02-Apr-17 00:24:30

I've just had a look online and it says you only have to tell them if it affects your abiity to drive.

Sunferra Sun 02-Apr-17 01:41:45

I have severe depression, anxiety and a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder but I have never been advised that I need to tell the DVLA. My car is my lifeline although I only use it around twice a week.

HereThereThen Sun 02-Apr-17 01:45:02

Do the drugs you take have any impact on driving?

Rockhopper81 Mon 03-Apr-17 13:54:50

Sorry for the delay in responding - terrible migraine yesterday.

Thanks for your responses.

I checked the DVLA website and it mentions mild/moderate and severe depression - the OH doctor (possible the most unhelpful medical professional I've seen to-date) seemed to think I have severe depression and anxiety (which is notifiable), but I'm not suicidal and I don't have lapses in concentration or focus when driving.

My medication doesn't effect my driving at all - I specifically take them of an evening in case they make me drowsy at all (Citalopram isn't sedating, but I know it can make things a little 'foggy' for some people).

Am I worrying over nothing? Haven't been able to get hold of the GP today to check with them. I have a tendency to over think things to the nth degree. I just don't want to loose my car/license - it would make things a lot worse for me.

Thanks again.

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