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Anxiety and Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Geneswoman Wed 29-Mar-17 20:45:14

Hi, I am fairly new to posting, though I do read Mumsnet. As I am new to posting I have been looking to see if there is a thread /area that may help me. As the title suggests I feel my GAD which manifested itself in my mid teens onwards the roots of it I know now where many, many incidents of sexual abuse from the age of 10 to 15. I really was a happy go lucky kid before that which in hindsight makes me very sad :-( for what may have been, though on the surface I have had a good life so far and am as content as many people though the GAD is my own personal 'black cloud'. I have and am dealing with the abuse as much as I can in real life. I've made huge progress. My Abuser has died and a charity has helped me a lot but for reasons I don't want to share online I haven't shared with my birth family what happened to me. My parents are elderly now and as it wasn't them that was responsible I don't want to upset them. I guess my question is, is there an area /thread on Mumsnet that I could talk with people who have experienced similar? Thanks.

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