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Worrying after social events

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Needmorewine Wed 29-Mar-17 14:11:16

Hi apologies in advance of this shouldn't be in the mental health section. I don't know what's happening to me over the past year or so I feel like it's getting worse. Im a very sociable person and don't lack confidence however lately I find myself massively worrying / getting anxious over how I have come across in social situations. For example I attended a service at DD future school yesterday meeting some of the current parents and everyone was very friendly. However I'm now obsessing over did I say stupid things, what if no one wants their kids to be friends with DD on account of how I behaved, will we fit in. DH and I attended a party the week before of someone I know and despite having a good time there the day after was the same, literally so worried that id said or done something to upset / offend someone . What's going on with me ? My stomach today feels so nervous and I keep obsessing over the
Minutaie of what I've said / how I've acted . I hate it sad

heron98 Thu 30-Mar-17 15:42:37

No advice but I am the same. I lie awake after social events cringing about all the stupid things I've said.

My DP says it's quite self-centered to think this way because I am assuming that other people hang on my every word (which I don't, at all!) I do think he has a point though. After all, if I think back and try and remember what others have said, I can't. It's all just part of the evening.

So I can't really help but you're not alone.

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