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Postnatal Depression

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OctopusLimbs Tue 28-Mar-17 12:37:59

Just wandering, what happened on your first appointment with the GP for Postnatal depression? Were you listened to? Were you put on ADs early on, or did they try other avenues first? How long did it take you to start to feel better? I'm starting to realise I think I might need some help.

Privateandconfidentialplease Tue 28-Mar-17 23:08:16

I thought I would bump your post, as no one had replied yet.

I don't have experience with pnd but I suspect a gp would listen to you. You should definitely go and have a chat with them. Ad's may just be one option, there are others.
I hope you are ok? Many years ago I was borderline with my first dc but turned a corner at about 6 - 8 weeks.
It helped to get out and about at post natal groups, nct gatherings perhaps or mother and baby groups. Just a short time out talking to people and lots of fresh air walking and it made a world of difference.
I am sorry I am not that helpful, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will comment.

tissuesosoft Tue 28-Mar-17 23:14:29

am going to post in bits as page keeps reloading and losing my post
Hi OP. I have PND. I spoke to my gp after being strongly but gently urged to by my health visitor. I was prescribed a low dose of citalopram. I saw them every month, HV weekly and had a home start volunteer weekly (due to being in a very isolated area).

tissuesosoft Tue 28-Mar-17 23:18:01

We have since moved back to our hometown. I am now on 20mg citalopram, on the waiting list for talk therapy. I see my new HV every 6 weeks and Gp every month to see how I am on the ADs

tissuesosoft Tue 28-Mar-17 23:22:21

I broke down in my first GP appointment about PND. I thought I was coping but then I realised that it isn't 'normal' to look at your DC and feel like you are just babysitting until their real parents come home. I was losing the plot and couldn't see any way forward.

The citalopram took about two weeks to kick into the system and slowly I started feeling better- I could cope, I could love DD and I am not a monster for having the initial feelings. DD was always happy, HV kept calling her a textbook baby. Yet I knew I wasn't a textbook mum- but I don't care, DD hasn't suffered for my PND in those early days and we have a great bond now. It hasn't been easy but it's getting better.

OP, Do you have family or a partner to have as extra support?

OctopusLimbs Wed 29-Mar-17 15:41:46

My little girl is a very difficult baby she cries a lot, and sleep is a big issue. I'm struggling to differentiate whether this is PND or just normal struggling with a difficult baby. But I am feeling pretty miserable right now, I just feel like all the problems we are having are my fault, and I need to find a way to fix them before they get worse but I am clueless as to how. My husband is very supportive but it's when he's at work I struggle. My mum lives several hours away, she's coming up for a week in May but that's ages away.

Littleelffriend Wed 29-Mar-17 15:56:52

My baby is nearly 11 months old, and I didn't go to the doctor until she was four months. I should have gone earlier. I got put on 50mg sertraline daily, which started to work in 2 weeks. I also got referred to a therapist. The go was great and I then saw her about once a month. The hv popped in once not long after I spoke to the gp.
This morning I saw the gp and am coming off the tablets as I feel so much better. She says she sees a huge difference in me and has no concerns going forward. They won't make you do anything you don't want to do. I hope you feel better soon xx

OctopusLimbs Wed 29-Mar-17 16:46:47

My little girl is 6 months old. I guess I've ignored it until now because when she has an easier phase I feel better so I don't really know if it is PND or just struggling with a difficult baby. I'm still pretty confused about it, but the last week or so has been so hard. Did you ask to see a particular doctor who specialised in mental health or anything? They are all old men at my surgery and I feel a bit weird about it.

Betterdaysahead Wed 29-Mar-17 22:20:29

I only went to the GP last week and my DC is 14 months! My HV questioned it early on but I convinced her I was fine - just tired. I struggled through in a generally miserable state for a year and things went downhill over the last couple of months and ended up in an anxiety attack last week. I'm on citalopram now and looking forward to things getting easier - I just regret not getting help earlier.

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